Monthly Archives: October 2016

10 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – tapestries and clay

After a nice rest day yesterday, it was time ta visit tha famous 70 metre Bayeux Tapisserie (or Tapestry if ya prefer). I got ta meet a couple of tha folks from history – again they were tha silent type.   She learnt about William tha Conqueror in English school but I never knew this old stuff (afta all, I didn’t go ta wombat school or anything).   There was William himself sittin on his throne, scepter in hand an […]

08 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – city of God and pots

Today, with tha weather back ta pleasant, we headed off ta the Normandy city of Villedieu-les-poeles. Famous for it’s copper pots an bell makin founderie (note tha Frech spellin there? Good, wee?). Here is a photo pf me at tha front gate. Great isn’t it? I’m in tha bucket in case ya need glasses. Tha fence was pretty awesome too.         Found a little friend on tha counter. She was readin a French book so I stopped […]

07 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – cold day on the Mount

It was a cold grey day today so we decided ta go back ta Mont Saint Michael an see it dull. Actually they only did the tour last time so missed out on lotsa stuff. I was happy ta be in tha back pack as She had a shirt, a jacket AND a coat!      They decided ta walk from tha mainland an you can see from tha photo it was a loooooong way. Tha dark dot on tha […]

06 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Battlements, Manuscripts and Art

    This mornin we went into Vire. As with ALL the villages there are odd bits of walls, battlements an towers just plopped anywhere. Some of tha buildins are even built includin them which makes it interestin anyhow.   Here I am scalin tha remains of tha keep, some of tha towers survived as well as wall bits but this huge bit just sits there! Itsa great view from tha top of tha wall – She kept worryin about […]

05 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Brittany in tha morning

Up early this mornin for tha trip ta Dinar in Brittany (for those who don’t know, we are stayin in Normandy) where we were promised ateliers (artists working an showin their own work), lotsa galleries (places showin lots of people’s art), castle towers, old battlement walks, castle towers (yes I know, but I was really lookin forward to them) an really old buildins.  Woulda been fantastic if they were all open like it said!                  […]

04 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Markets, Puddles and Paint

  This mornin, afta a relaxin breakfast, tha hoomans decided ta go to tha village markets.Each village seems ta hold them on a different day so you can go ta all of them if you like. As soon as that tried ta speak French, tha young son was sent to deal with us. M&M wanted ta practice French but She was happy ta speak in English.     Look at the fruit an veges on the stall. For tha price […]

03 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – an Angel on the Mount

Today was all about Mont-Saint-Michael Abbey. Never was I so glad ta be in tha backpack – sooo many steps ta get ta tha top an then She decided a guided tour would be a grand idea. It actually was but don’t tell anyone I said so!   Here is a photo of tha ‘island’ with tha Abbey at tha top. There are shops an bars an restaurants, as well as hotels, around tha bottom.  The golden statue of St […]