12 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – feeling small

Today we left Bath an headed towards Feniton. It was a drive through hair-raising one car width lanes with towerin shrubberies on both sides of tha road. She is an OK driver I guess; Mark was the sign spotter an Melissa got ta interprete Audrey (our crazy English gps) an follow on tha maps. Between tha three of them we manage ta get where we are headin alive an well.     The first stop on tha way here was […]

11 Sep 2016

Wilburs Traveks – A spiritual Journey

This mornings trip was ta Avebury Standing Stones. A true Henge and with so many stones still in place it was great. I sat in tha devils chair. If She had managed to run 50 times around it, I would have been able to speak to tha devil. Too bad we can’t prove it hey? Tha other stone with tha sharp looking edges was attacked by “Stonekiller” who went around trying ta deface or knock down standing stones. He tried ta […]

10 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – A Touch of Jane Austin

Happy birthday ta Mark 🙂  Happy un-birthday ta me!  It’s my blog an I can celebrate if I want to. Today we went for a bit of culture. Tha Jane Austin festival is on an there was a parade of lotsa people all dolled up in their best JA finery.  They looked very elegant and so I decided to get a bit more class inta this blog now. Should be bonser mate.             Visited the […]

09 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – A real Castle

Yesterday I was all excited going ta Castle Coome. Well we looked an we looked but there was NO castle. Turned out ta be tha name of the prettiest village so not tooooo bad. Her camera threw a tanty  so no photos. Today I was wantin a REAL castle, battlements, arrow slits, moat… you know what a castle should be right? So Malissa googled ‘real castles near Bath’ and Farleigh Hungerford Castle came up. 14th Century fortress mainly in ruins […]

08 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Evading the bikers

    Today Bath was the finish ov the ‘Tour of Britain’ bike race! So we decided ta go for a drive ta Dyrham Park to stay away from all the hoomans . She got a photo of all tha blue sky too. Comin down the drive the view was spektacula, even good enough ta make me feel a bit gooy. I think all tha grass looks a bit fake, it’s so bloomin green. Tha trees were giant. Some were […]

07 Sep 2016

Wilburs Travels – making friends in Bath

Arfta chattin wiv tripod, we decided to keep explorin Bath today. Took the bus up the big hill to Prior Park and met up with Leo the Flat coated Retriever. SHE got all mushy cause that’s one of the breeds they use ta have. He gotta little bit personal with the kissin but I didn’t wan ta make a fuss. So much history for my little brain ta keep safe, but the white swan cygnets were pretty cute. She took […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels ‘ exploring Bath

Rudely woken up by the fire alarm. She grabs the important bag, and me, and we join a coupla other guests in the car park. False alarm so we all go back infer brekkie. She is watchin me like Kooka on a snake. Don’t know why, I’m happy to share this yummy lookin meal. Today we explore!!! I’ve been ona skeletons bike, checked out tha photos an stuff at tha Baths – done the walkin guided trip and sat in […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – we are mobile!

6am an we hava great car. Course it’s rainin so we can’t really see any dents and stuff. She likes it anyhoo. First stop is Tesco to geta GPS. Headin off ta Bath now. Stuck behind a slow car but She says no hurry so enjoy the scenery. I would if I wasn’t stuck on the seat! I can see the grey cloudy sky is all. Arrive at the Aquae Sulis B&B. The host meets us out tha front. Black. […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – can anything ELSE go wrong?

Well you’d neva believe it! We seem ta be at London airport instead ov Gatwick. I’m outa the case for a bit as all tha hoomans have ta stay onboard for 3 hours. Not allowed off and Gatwick runway is gettin fixed so we can go back there and try again. They aint worried it seems as the car place in the airport is open 24 hours. We all catch some zzzzzzzzzz. Next thing I know it’s 1am (don’t know […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – not all planes are equal

So, ready for the very next adventure in my travels? Well too bad cause here it is hahaha. I wake up an everything is BLACK! No stars, not even just dark. Arrrgh! Horror! I’ve gorn bloomin BLIND!!!! No. wait….. I can hear muffled voices saying somfing about trays and beeping and laptops….an I can hear HER answering! Nooooo!!! She has stuffed me in the case! Like I’m not the important celebrity here – Like it’s not even all about ME […]