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07 Sep 2016

Wilburs Travels – making friends in Bath

Arfta chattin wiv tripod, we decided to keep explorin Bath today. Took the bus up the big hill to Prior Park and met up with Leo the Flat coated Retriever. SHE got all mushy cause that’s one of the breeds they use ta have. He gotta little bit personal with the kissin but I didn’t wan ta make a fuss. So much history for my little brain ta keep safe, but the white swan cygnets were pretty cute. She took […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels ‘ exploring Bath

Rudely woken up by the fire alarm. She grabs the important bag, and me, and we join a coupla other guests in the car park. False alarm so we all go back infer brekkie. She is watchin me like Kooka on a snake. Don’t know why, I’m happy to share this yummy lookin meal. Today we explore!!! I’ve been ona skeletons bike, checked out tha photos an stuff at tha Baths – done the walkin guided trip and sat in […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – we are mobile!

6am an we hava great car. Course it’s rainin so we can’t really see any dents and stuff. She likes it anyhoo. First stop is Tesco to geta GPS. Headin off ta Bath now. Stuck behind a slow car but She says no hurry so enjoy the scenery. I would if I wasn’t stuck on the seat! I can see the grey cloudy sky is all. Arrive at the Aquae Sulis B&B. The host meets us out tha front. Black. […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – can anything ELSE go wrong?

Well you’d neva believe it! We seem ta be at London airport instead ov Gatwick. I’m outa the case for a bit as all tha hoomans have ta stay onboard for 3 hours. Not allowed off and Gatwick runway is gettin fixed so we can go back there and try again. They aint worried it seems as the car place in the airport is open 24 hours. We all catch some zzzzzzzzzz. Next thing I know it’s 1am (don’t know […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – not all planes are equal

So, ready for the very next adventure in my travels? Well too bad cause here it is hahaha. I wake up an everything is BLACK! No stars, not even just dark. Arrrgh! Horror! I’ve gorn bloomin BLIND!!!! No. wait….. I can hear muffled voices saying somfing about trays and beeping and laptops….an I can hear HER answering! Nooooo!!! She has stuffed me in the case! Like I’m not the important celebrity here – Like it’s not even all about ME […]

06 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – the Adventure starts

WOWEE!!! Whata big adventurous start to the travels! Wanna hear it? Well my mate Basil does so here it comes anyhoo. As ya may know, She needs a hooman travel buddy – Wilburs don’t count ya see. Well anywhoo we get ta the buddies nice an early for this adventure and Malissa is feelin a bit spewy…. spends a few hours doing tha porcelain polka (chundering up her guts for those ov you wivout more refined taste) an then goes […]

01 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels

G’day all you critters out in the great world beyond the burrow. Only a coupla more days and I’ll be on my very first adventure! Whatya think of THEM roo poos Basil? (For those not in the know, Basil Brush Turkey is my most bestest pal in all the bush). Jealous much Basil? Anyhoo, I’m packed and ready ta go even if She is still makin lists 🙁 Don’t know what it is about those little bits a paper but […]

29 Aug 2016

Teaser for my New Book

August 2017 will see the launch of my Body Art book. It will be a hardcover coffee table limited edition showcasing many of my skills – from SFX, prop making, costumes and painting. This has only been made possible with the help of an RADF Grant from Logan Council. Although it will be a lot of work I’m really looking forward to getting some of the local locations into some unusual shoots. I love it when you can throw all […]

11 Aug 2016

Welcome to my first blog!

It’s a little bit exciting as well as a tad scary. Be gentle as I learn my way around here 🙂 First news is that during my travels around England and France I will have not only two 2 legged friends, but also one 4 legged friend. Wilbur the plush baby wombat is coming with me and I hope to have him write a few posts from some exciting zoos and parks! He does have a bit of a twisted […]