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22 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – At the Louvre

Another adventure today. Tha sun was shinin an it seemed like every hooman in Paris was out enjoyin it!  Her legs were still not OK afta all tha stairs yestaday but She pushed on. First thing we headed off ta tha Louvre by the Metro. Such a great way ta travel most of tha time, but very squishy at others. Anyway, tha train stops at tha Louvre so we got out – very suprised that the line was nice an […]

21 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Art, Art and the Crypt

All prepared for tha cold, tha wind an tha rain (as well as a bit of sun) this mornin. First stop was tha Met for a trip ta Notre Dame. All ready for tha tower climb! All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have ta climb those 100’s of steps. She was beaten up by a man with a walkin frame BUT stubborn hooman that She is, got ta the 3/4 way up and walked around getting Gargoyle […]

21 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Ooh La La

It was another beauty of a mornin in Chartres when we left. It had rained durin tha night an the air was fresh (M&M said it was bloody freezin but She likes it cold). We hopped on a train from there to Paris an found (SURPRISE!) M&Ms Metro tickets from 2 years ago still worked! We got ta tha hotel an found tha rooms ‘not quite ready’. They had ta wait for two  hours for their rooms ta be ready. […]

19 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Pretties in Chartres

Still in Chatres for another night. Off ta Paris by train tomorrow. Today we spent time in tha Musee des Beaux-Arts. So many wonderful paintins and sculptures. Restoration work done on some of them was astonishin. Here I am chattin to a mate of Van Dykes, He told me ta make sure ta check out tha fancy pants on tha palomino so I did.   The horse was a bit high strung, probably all them strange people around it. Massive […]

18 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – A Chateau, A Cathedral an a Art Shop

Well I told ya we was leavin nice an early an here is the last look from tha Apple Barn.  This isn’t it – this is next ta tha Barn an is waitin ta be done up itself. It was a great place ta stay for sure an if She coulda taken anything with Her from there it woulda been tha shower an hot water! She’ll be back ta tha short warm ones from tha tank wata soon enough. Tonight […]

17 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – going Potty

Today is anotha beautiful day an afta a bit of light mist this mornin, the hoomans set out to the Police Station, and then ta pick up their pottery. Didn’t I tell ya about tha Police stuff? Oh well, I was in tha boot so I wasn’t a witness but I’ll tell ya what Olivia an I have heard…. Drivin home a coupla days back, the hoomans witnessed a car accident and stopped to help. Lucky no-one was hurt bad […]

14 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Forts an Pirates

It was still dark when we left for St Marlo this mornin, even though tha clock said 8am. One of tha things that ya haveta rememba here is that most shops open at 10am an close for lunch, then open again! No wonder if it doesn’t get light till 9am hey? As we came up ta tha main gates (it’s a walled city ya know) there was a round-about just sittin there. No music or lights. No prolemo as this […]

13 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Fabuleux Chateau de Fougerese

Our day out today had us travellin ta have a ganda at tha largest fortress in Europe! It had a history from tha 10th ta tha 20th century. She took me all tha way ta tha top of many of tha towers an we could walk on lotsa tha outa walls. Bit of a mess in tha middle but so much fun.   See me here up at tha top!  So many spiral staircase steps to get up that high. […]

12 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Lace, paint and Pink Pigs.

Another visit ta Bayeux, this time ta tha Art Museum. When we brought our ticket ta see tha tapastry we got a 3 fa one an I am not gonna talk about tha war one so tha museum it is! It was tha best laid out art museum I have been in (OK, I haven’t been in all that many, I’m just 1 year old! She said it was tha best OK?) They mixed furniture an paintins an artifacts in […]

11 Oct 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Used to be Pirates

Today we visited the old pirate harbour town of Granville. You can see here tha view from tha battlement. Seems everywhere we go they have a castle, fort, towers etc. Makes ya happy ta be an Ozzie. We had another great day weather wise… don’t know what all tha fuss is about over here. It WAS 4 degrees this mornin but it went up ta 15 pretty quick (in tha car anyway hahaha).   There was a really nice Big […]