Deadlines and Procrastination

Why is it that I find myself leaving things until the last minute sometimes?

I mean, I have the closing date; I know how much time I need (with and without sleep) to get the job done; I know what other jobs are needed before and after; and still I find other things to do first – yes they are arty things but I really DON’T need to start another painting when I still have to finish 2 for the end of the month.

I know I am a control freak, so is it my brains way of adding some ‘safe’ excitement to my life? I don’t get stressed so maybe it’s my body needing a bit of an adrenalin rush some other way? Whatever causes these lapses in time management control needs to be worked on as I’m getting a bit squished for time now.

I have 4 commissions, some new instructional videos to film, a body paint comp to plan for, Supanova costumes to make, a children’s picture book to finish, and 2 workshops to plan and present… all by the end of April.

I KNOW I will do it, I just wish I didn’t keep doing this to myself over and over 🙂


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