Teaser for my New Book

August 2017 will see the launch of my Body Art book. It will be a hardcover coffee table limited edition showcasing many of my skills – from SFX, prop making, costumes and painting. This has only been made possible with the help of an RADF Grant from Logan Council.

Although it will be a lot of work I’m really looking forward to getting some of the local locations into some unusual shoots. I love it when you can throw all the rules out and just do whatever you choose 🙂

Can’t show you any of the good shots, but can tease you with a few behind the scenes shots.

Cats and Dogs

Model sisters Natalya and Juliette with some of the well trained dogs on the day. Photo by Ninderry Studio.

Naomi and James




Models Naomi and James played up the New World Explorer couple during a break in the beautiful Berrinba Sanctuary.

Photo by Sandra Temple.

Hayley buried




Hayley was really good about being buried in the large hole I dug. It wasn’t wasted though as a tree was put there.

Photo by Sandra Temple





After the shoot



Jermia worked hard all morning being beautiful for photos, but it’s much more fun to play with the dogs 🙂 Photo by PicMe Photography.

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