Welcome to my first blog!

It’s a little bit exciting as well as a tad scary. Be gentle as I learn my way around here 🙂

First news is that during my travels around England and France I will have not only two 2 legged friends, but also one 4 legged friend. Wilbur the plush baby wombat is coming with me and I hope to have him write a few posts from some exciting zoos and parks! He does have a bit of a twisted sense of humour though so I’ll keep an eye on him. Ever since the news came out that he’s to star in his own book he’s been putting on airs. It will be out early next year so look out for that.


My own news is that I have received a Logan RADF grant to help towards paying photographers and models who will feature in my Body Art book, should be published in August and released in September 2017.  Using locations around Logan I will be showcasing my body painting, special effects, prosthetics, costumes and props. The book will be a limited edition coffee table hardcover called ‘Skin Deep- the body art of Sandra Temple’.

Have an amazing day everyone 🙂

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