Wilbur’s Travels – At the Louvre

Another adventure today. Tha sun was shinin an it seemed like every hooman in Paris was out enjoyin it!  Her legs were still not OK afta all tha stairs yestaday but She pushed on.


First thing we headed off ta tha Louvre by the Metro. Such a great way ta travel most of tha time, but very squishy at others.

Anyway, tha train stops at tha Louvre so we got out – very suprised that the line was nice an short when we went in. Course on tha way out it was massive.




We did tha usual – Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo an all them. I am just gonna put a couple of photos up so you can see me there OK?

Mark was lookin forward ta seeing tha Rubins Room but after much inquiry it turned out it was being renovated.




Had ta get a photo of tha Eiffel Tower – again, so crowded everywhere. Then as She could hardly walk for tha pain, they decided ta catch the Metro back…. nearly there an tha train stops an everyone gets off! So Malissa decides the way ta go back an we hop onta another one. Doesn’t matta cause when you are in tha Metro you can go on whateva one you want… on tha same ticket! Awesome hey?


She came home an M&M went off ta look at tools. Great big stores like Bunnings only better. Should put a smile on his dial before we go out ta dinner (which tha French seem ta eat late).

Flying out tomorrow night and will be back in Oz before we know it!

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