Wilbur’s Travels – at the zoo

Off bright an early this morning with Her, M&M an Stef for Paignton Zoo. She was mumbling all tha way about Badgers an Wolves  (them not actually bein part of tha zoo), but there was excitement about cheetah an flamingo from tha others.

in the mist

There was a film crew on the silverback gorillas an they were actin all tough and showin off – not used to tha celebrity stuff I expect. I wanted ta give them some tips (me bein famous an all) but She stuffed me back inta the backpack too quick. I thought the film folks mighta been keen to interview me about my books and my travels….

She got lotsa photo references so far – gorrilla, owls, squirrels, trees….

Lots of tha critters were still in bed an I had ta keep remindin Her ta look for poo for my book. We did get green tree frog an macaque, giraffe an seagull but tha rhino, elephant an gorilla spaces were too clean. Betta luck at London Zoo maybe.

Tomorrow we will be goin for a long drive ta see a gallery full of just wood things – jewellery, sculpture, relief ‘paintings’, boxes …. all art made of wood. Then back ta Beer (it’s true, the village is called Beer!) which is famous for fish.

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