Wilbur’s Travels – Castles old and older

It was overcast an coola today which was more comfy for us all. We did get a bita Liquid sunshine on tha way back but as we were in tha car it didn’t worry me at all.

Our first stop was ta The Prickly Ball hedgehog rescue. Not much ta say about tha place but that it was aimed at kids an there were a few there. I heard Her and Malissa muttering under their breath when one sweet, screechy, tiny, dictator was a tad loud. I didn’t let on I heard though.  She didn’t take any photos,

Next we headed off to our proper destination, Berry Pomeroy Castle. Tha ruins are magnificent.



An Elizabethan manor was built inside a Medieval wall an later still a North wing was added.

I was so excited ta go down tha spooky spiral steps and into the dungeon .








They all had cream tea for lunch and I was stuffed rudely into my backpack again.

sn belltoer


We drove down ta Dartmouth Castle an all I can say is DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR SAT NAV!

We were drivin on tiny roads that twisted an turned, roads (if ya can call em that) just one car wide an no thicka bits ta slide into if another car came tha other way.

I think Audrey (Sat Nav rememba? Keep up) may be tryin to kill me – she’s jealous of all tha attention I get. Even if there is a perfectly good road ta take she sends them off down those teeny lanes.  If ya want to go see tha Castle I strongly suggest gettin a boat from Dartmouth. Looked a much easier option and you’ll arrive without all tha screamin and shakin. Good job the pommie drivers are cool, very polite on tha roads thay are.

Olivia stayed home in case you’re wonderin, now I have ao go claim my space on Her bed or that sneaky otter will get there first. Don’t forget to comment an share – all your friends might enjoy to be caught up in tha circus that is Wilbur  🙂

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