Wilbur’s Travels – Clay Dogs and Garden Sculptures

This mornin everyone was very excited ta go visit with Nick Macman at her studio.  Got some wet puppy love from her pooches an checked out her amazin sculptures.

hunting dogs



Then she was a bonza shiela  (is that Aussie enough for ya Basil? I have not gone all polite an proper just cause I’m mixin with famous people!) an let us watch as she did tha basic building of a cute African Hunting Dog puppy.  Sooooo good.

I snuck a few photos with my new mates – Pammy Polar Bear, Ollie Otter , Wally Warthog  an some of tha hunting dog pack  (couldn’t catch their names as they  still chirped baby talk). It was great.
You can see more of Nicks work on her website  http://nickmackmansculpture.co.uk/

wilbur and hare


After that we headed off ta see tha Mythic Garden sculpture exhibition at Stone Lane. All sortsa different styles an shapes placed around a garden of twisty paths an secret spaces. Some wonderful trees too.

It was a bit hard ta find as all the turn offs looked like driveways an very narrow. We did manage to get there in tha end and it was worth it.

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