Wilbur’s Travels – day at the beach

Today was a seaside day ( earworm coming up now… “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” ) an although it was grey an overcast we decided ta check out tha so called beaches here.



So here we are at Sidmouth, a lovely coastal village. An here are 2 young lads sunbathin on the -um – pebbles?  They look just like large river rocks!




So many bloomin flowers. I had to check them out. All full of bees which is great.




Here are two beach belle’s  bravin tha freezin water ta have a dip…. they did go in too. Got a bit wet an then came out again quick smart! Wouldn’t get THIS little wombat in that there ocean.


We walked  ( OK, I didn’t haveta walk anywhere, I was carried in tha back pack) all along tha beach front. It was very different from home but  lotsa people had their dogs ona lead and there were no problem ones.  It’s nice ta see so many woofters out at shops, hotels, parks and gardens….. seaside. I got ta get a few puppy cuddles too.                       gardens

Then it was a walk through tha city centre – shops, lotsa cafe’s, B&B’s, antique shops an tha like. We came ta a lovely gallery called Azure. It was full of amazin works, mostly 3D,  unique lookin stuff an so reasonably priced. She took some photos cause it was all arranged so nice.

blue sky

Walkin back along tha sea front tha sun came out, here there is a long twilight  so they would have a good 2 hours before it went dark.  All tha chairs were filled with people, all tha hotel varandas were full of people , there were people sittin on tha pebbles…. all like sunflowers with their faces to tha sun.The red Jurassic cliffs seemed ta glow like they had gold leaf under them.

Hope you are enjoying followin my trip. Feel free ta comment, share and like 🙂

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