Wilbur’s Travels – going Potty


Today is anotha beautiful day an afta a bit of light mist this mornin, the hoomans set out to the Police Station, and then ta pick up their pottery. Didn’t I tell ya about tha Police stuff? Oh well, I was in tha boot so I wasn’t a witness but I’ll tell ya what Olivia an I have heard….

Drivin home a coupla days back, the hoomans witnessed a car accident and stopped to help. Lucky no-one was hurt bad but tha cars were not too crash hot. Anyhoo, there was a young man drivin one car an he was going ta turn into his drive way but a lady behind him wasn’t payin attention an she planted the foot to overtake! Smashed tha front of her car an ripped out the wheel section of his. Tha hoomans wanted to make sure the man’s insurance knew he was in tha right… long story short, Malissa an Mark are very good at workin out how ta explain stuff in French ta Policemen who say they don’t speak much English (but She thinks they understood more than they let on).


Anyway, the hoomans all feel better now an can finish tha last few days of their holiday. But first they had ta go collect their pottery.

Can ya guess who did what bit? Olivia and me had a good check ova of them an we are pretty impressed.

Now they just have ta make sure they don’t make tha suitcases too heavy lol

Early morning start tomorrow, leavin tha Barn and heading to a stop in Chartres, then it’s onta Paris for a few days of Gallery stalkin. She is hopin to get a new Gallery ta sell her work as She has not been able ta get support in Australia. Stoopid really. Over 100 Awards (National an International) ova tha last few years an she can’t get her stuff hung in a Gallery at home.

Oh well, let ya all know what we stop an see on tha way tomorrow.

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