Wilbur’s Travels – Grey Sky an a Pirate Cove

Finally we welcome some typical English weather! So a quick drive ta Exmouth an then an afternoon of relaxin was called for. Tha rain came down, tha wind howled and tha ocean smells wafted. Gave Her a chance ta try out tha new coat an she said it was great.

Some of tha houses had been painted alright colours an there was a lot of new buildins with lots of apartments.

I also got ta say Hi to a coupla dinosaurs – you know the coastline here is called tha Durrasic Coast don’t ya? They were all ova tha place.










Saw somthin interestin under tha water. Proof that there be pirates on tha high seas still. I didn’t see any mermaids or treasure though.  Did see lotsa dogs playin in tha icy water.

Tomorra we say a sad goodbye ta tha Greyhound as we move ta tha next place. She wants ta go ta London Zoo an some place called Hogwarts. May get some interestin poo photos from them hey?

Anyway, catch you all up tomorrow an tell ya about it.

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