Wilbur’s Travels – Ooh La La

It was another beauty of a mornin in Chartres when we left. It had rained durin tha night an the air was fresh (M&M said it was bloody freezin but She likes it cold).

and Mark

We hopped on a train from there to Paris an found (SURPRISE!) M&Ms Metro tickets from 2 years ago still worked!

We got ta tha hotel an found tha rooms ‘not quite ready’. They had ta wait for two¬† hours for their rooms ta be ready. They were chilled.

Hey, did ya like tha new look Malissa? She got her hair cut in Chartres an is now Tre Chic!



GallerieAfta droppin tha bags off upstairs, they headed ova to the Galerie Thuillier. Her Gallerie in France atm.

She took her miniatures in for Denis Cornet (Director) an he liked all of them and kept tha lot ta sell. Woo Hoo! M&M said he loved tha work but it was all French ta Her…. get it? I cracked a funny hahaha

The artworks hanging were mostly not realistic but there were a couple of bronzes that were really nice.



It was a visit ta tha Cathedral of Notre Dame next.

So big, so many marble statues and amazing artworks.

This one is gettin cleaned up too an you can see tha restored bits clearly. It was quite dark inside.

They looked at when tha tours are, an She is specially lookin forward ta tha Crypts, an tha Gargoyles.




Tha police buildin had armoured warriors on tha corners which was cool too.

Lots of armed military an police walkin around. Doesn’t worry Her. Tomorrow night we will be headin out ta some mountain ta see tha lights of Paris….

Catch up with ya mangy lot tonight then.



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