Wilbur’s Travels – Pretties in Chartres


Still in Chatres for another night. Off ta Paris by train tomorrow.

Today we spent time in tha Musee des Beaux-Arts. So many wonderful paintins and sculptures. Restoration work done on some of them was astonishin.

Here I am chattin to a mate of Van Dykes, He told me ta make sure ta check out tha fancy pants on tha palomino so I did.


on horseThe horse was a bit high strung, probably all them strange people around it. Massive paintin though, took a whole wall!


Lotsa swords an armour an good stuff like that here too.



We dropped in at La Galerie du Vitrail (Stained Glass Gallery ta all you lot who don’t know French stuff). It was next ta tha Cathedral so they all traipsed around that again.

cascadeTha Centre International du Vitrail was near too so we all went an saw more glass.

oneShe also found a shop with some really interestin miniature bits an I found some friends in tha square.



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