Wilbur’s Travels – Rest Day

Wow, I have done 17 blogs on my travels in England so far. I hope you are enjoyin readin about it all.

I have also been gettin reference material for my next book  ‘Wilbur discovers Poo” which explores the different kinds of poo and why they are so different (for example, did you know otters do a black shiny squirt and it smells like Jasmine tea?) I’m hopin ta get some good examples of different kinds of poo from London Zoo next week!

nice nook


Today is Sunday an we are havin a rest day. Catchin up on ‘stuff’ an generally not walkin for miles. There is a quiet nook with lovely leather chairs we can sit in, here I am with Olivia and M&M.

We had a roast lunch at the Greyhound Inn with Stef an I didn’t even throw a tantrum when She put Olivia in tha bag with me.  She’s  quite a polite critter even though she talks kinda funny.

She still wants ta see badgers and foxes so we may try that tomorrow.

stef and friends



Here is Stef with me and Olivia at lunch in the Greyhound Inn. Although she is bigger than me, she is not the important one OK?

“Wilbur everyone knows you are the celebrety, I’m not here to take your spotlight”.

“Good, not that I’m worried that ya could, I am, after all, the big name here! Just don’t forget it”

“I won’t Wilbur. You are the star”

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