Wilbur’s Travels – Sun and Wind

It was such a nice day that we all drove ta Brighton. We found a B&B just near tha airport so once booked in we had tha whole day.It was a lovely sunny day but tha wind was really blowin.

the sea front






M&M played at bein a fish an a diver on tha famous pier, while I spotted some captive meercats which I tried hard ta set free. In tha rescueend I had ta leave them in tha glass cage.


I stopped for a chat with an old friend too, Frankie was  helpin out at tha Haunted House on tha pier but took time out to lend me a helpin hand. It’s not so good bein short sometimes. Just ask Her hahaha





Hopein to be seein my mates at London Zoo tomorrow if we can work out tha bus and train stuff. Let ya all know how that goes tomorrow.


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