Wilbur’s Travels – Used to be Pirates

Today we visited the old pirate harbour town of Granville.

You can see here tha view from tha battlement. Seems everywhere we go they have a castle, fort, towers etc. Makes ya happy ta be an Ozzie.

We had another great day weather wise… don’t know what all tha fuss is about over here. It WAS 4 degrees this mornin but it went up ta 15 pretty quick (in tha car anyway hahaha).


There was a really nice Big House on tha top of tha hill ovea lookin all that water. I told Her it would be a great gallery, teachin studio an had houseplenty of room for students ta stay in. She didn’t seem ta understand an kept talkin about payin for it. What about all tha paintins She has back home? Sell them all!

Probably too many people for Her anywhoo as it was a BIG town. Tiny little port though. Hate ta be there in the summer. Would be OK if there was real pirates….


Met a lovely Korean/French artist named Sue-Hyun Kim. Saw her workin sue-hyunwith a 3 hair brush doin such tiny line work. Sharin the shop with her boyfriend who worked in clay.


She has an exhibition in Paris so when we get there we will go see that one too. There was a whole street of atelier art shops (remember that means tha artist shows their own stuff) but only this one was open out of all of them.


What d’ya all think a this one as a granny flat? There was one on each back corner, tall an narrow – must be lotsa stairs. Kinda looked like a Princess tower hahaha.  Found one window that will interest Her daughter. Hey Steph, what about this for a great pile a bones?  flat bones

This window had some weird stuff in it an tha Gallery walls had big dark lookin canvases.


Afta they walked around tha battlements, watched as workers continued ta restore tha old church (usin tha same plaster recipe it was originally done with), had some chocolate desert stuff for afternoon tea (they didn’t buy ME any), it was time ta go an glaze their pottery stuff from yesterday.
Picking up on Monday so then we’ll see what they managed ta make 🙂

Don’t forget ta comment an share my blog. I want ta be famous an make my books sell well next year so ya all gotta help. See ya all tomorrow.




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