Wilbur’s Travels – Wood, swans an pebble beaches

It was another beauty of a mornin here in Fenny Bridges and as usual tha breakfast was delish at tha Greyhound Inn. Our first stop was tha Dansel Craftwork Gallery at Abbotsbury. Full ta burstin of bonza wood stuff.


Mark was in his element, an it’s a good job She has no money an Malissa has already posted home a couple of parcels, cause I KNOW there woulda been lots heading out otherwise.

I liked tha quirky sculptures by John Mainwaring an tha Volcano bowl by Ron Sanson so I had my photo taken with them – famous critters can do that ya know.sculpture

Afta exhaustin our eyes in tha warm glow of all that wood, we headed around tha corner ta Abbotsbury Swannery.

OMG! Hundreds of Mute swans …. an I can tell you they aren’t called mute cause they are silent!

more swans


It is the time of tha great moult (a bit like the great migration but it’s only tha feathers that are flyin) an so tha swans an older cygnets can’t fly.


Wilbur and swan



To finish up tha great day, we stopped at Beer.

All my Aussie mates can sit back down. Beer is a famous fishin village, and we went ta check out tha Steam Gallery.  No, not full of machines but an art gallery named Steam……..  I know, right? An the ‘beach was great big pebbles!

beer town
Tomorrows outin is ta visit that wonderful sculptor Nick Macman. She (not Nick) is so excited it’s embarrassing.  More news tomorrow then. Keep sharin and commentin.

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