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Sandra is self taught and has been a professional artist and illustrator for more than 26 years. During this time she has had a cartoon strip running for 8 years, designed numerous corporate logos, worked with the RSPCA, the Qld Police Force and quite a few City Councils as a cartoonist and illustrator. She has taught realistic drawing at numerous primary schools with a focus on conservational education, designed and made theatre costumes and sets as well as taught stage make-up, she has designed and made unique jewellery, illustrated 9 childrens books and written and illustrated 3 more.

In 1998 she started to organise art exhibitions for art groups and the Inaugural International Wildlife Exhibition in 1999, which took 2 years to organise, was a major challenge with 20 overseas artists exhibiting beside Australian ones. After previously holding the positions of President, Treasurer, Secretary and Editor, Sandra is again holding the position of President of the Qld Wildlife Artists Society Inc.

Although in previous years Sandra has exhibited a few times a year at the bigger shows, she finds it harder these days as her originals sell quickly and she is unable to keep up with demand. Her limited edition geclee reproductions sell well and are available from her website.

Concentrating her energy now on painting the worlds endangered species Sandra works in all mediums and is especially keen on mixed medium paintings. She is an art judge, an art teacher working with adults and children, a popular workshop tutor and is a product demonstrator for Faber-Castell. Sandra is also an internationally recognized Bodypainter working in advertising, special effects, film and events such as ComicCon and SuperNova as well as privately.


Support for Conservation

Sandra is an active member of many wildlife and conservation groups locally, nationally and internationally. Each year she chooses two local and one international wildlife conservation group to donate original artworks and limited edition giclee reproductions for fundraising. A percentage of many or her originals are also donated to 'good causes'.

She insists that all funds raised from her donated paintings and prints are used for the cause and only supports groups where either ALL workers are volunteers or there are only a few paid workers. This is one of her solutions to deciding who she can help each year from the huge number of requests she gets to donate art and prints.


Organisation Memberships

Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc
Queensland's largest wildlife and nature art group.

Selected membership includes fine art artists with a diverse range of interests including, scientific research, conservation of habitats, commitment to increasing environmental issues and the fostering of orphaned and injured native wildlife.

Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc

Nature in the Raw
Promoting conservation of wildlife and habitats through exhibitions of fine art. Held in Rural Galleries throughout Qld and with a heavy focus on education.

Australian Orangutan Project
A non-partisan organization that supports all orangutan conservation organizations. Being non-partisan they can distribute funds due to conservation needs only. They use their ability to support all organizations as a way of bringing orangutan conservation organisations together.


Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
Protecting and promoting Australian Wildlife for over 40 years.

Wildlife Preservation Society

Marwell International Wildlife Art Society
The largest wildlife art society in UK, MIWAS holds workshops, meetings, excursions and exhibitions as well as producing their own full colour newsletter. MIWAS is a special interest group of the Marwell Zoological Society and raises much needed funds with it's huge Annual Wildlife Exhibition.

Marwell International Wildlife Art Society website

Queensland Writers Centre
For Qld writers and illustrators

Queensland Writers Centre website

Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc
The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc. (WASA) was founded in Melbourne in 1974. WASA aims to: foster the study, practice and appreciation of wildlife art in all artistic media; encourage the exchange of ideas and experience in this field; and promote the work of member wildlife artists. The spirit and strength of WASA lies in its recognition of animals and plants as worthy sources of inspiration and themes for serious art. WASA has a special interest in fostering an awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia's unique indigenous flora and fauna.

Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc website

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Non-bureaucratic, cost-efficient and highly effective, funding innovative and long-term projects in Africa and Asia.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation website

Caldera Regional Arts Inc
Promoting biodiversity values in Australia's Green Cauldron.

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