Bird art for Artists for Conservation

The 2018 Artists for Conservation exhibition (the 11th) is partnering with one of the world’s oldest and most important global organisation dedicated to bird studies! The International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress 2018) will be held in the Vancouver Convention Centre – and by the way, it’s the 27th Congress!

Faced with the daunting fact that bird experts from around the world could be peering closely at my efforts I have been wracking my brains for an Aussie bird I know inside out (no, I don’t really mean guts and all), searching through visual diaries and what is left of my photo images after the ‘click of death’ affected my external hard drive.

Out the back I heard that ridiculous Australian bird call “Herro Cocky” and there, in all their clean white glory, were 4 sulphur-crested cockatoos…. it’s a sign right? Well I’m taking it as one anyway 🙂

Clean page, sharp pencil, out the back and a few quick sketches. Then a bribe with some fruit and in for the camera.
Phew. That’s the subject sorted. Follow along as I post here and on Facebook the trials and tribulations of getting work ready for an overseas selection.

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