Wilbur’s Travels – A Day at the Zoo

With tha car returned early, we went inta London by train WHooHoo…. well, not really, it just sorta beeped an donged a bit.  Then we gotta bus ta London zoo. Blimey mate, those bus drivers miss by a centremetre an have nerves of steel!



We saw cars an taxi’s an bikes an motorbikes an people an buses an limos an… they all drive fast an furious, beepin and actin like crazy people.
Glad we didn’t decide ta drive in London.




Tha Zoo had heaps of bronze sculptures an I decided ta get close ta tha tiger an give her a nice back scratch.

Safer than gettin close ta the real one hey? We did see tha two tiger cubs playin with mum an She got a few photos…not very good ones though.






Saw tha most beautiful spider an thought of all tha friends who would just love it. Tha frogs an bugs were also really good.


She wasn’t too impressed with tha new lion place but then it had a big build up.


Tomorrow we’ll be doin a wander round. See ya then.

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