Wilbur’s Travels – Art, Art and the Crypt

dameAll prepared for tha cold, tha wind an tha rain (as well as a bit of sun) this mornin.

First stop was tha Met for a trip ta Notre Dame. All ready for tha tower climb!

All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have ta climb those 100’s of steps. She was beaten up by a man with a walkin frame BUT stubborn hooman that She is, got ta the 3/4 way up and walked around getting Gargoyle photos.

See how high we are? She is holdin on tight so I don’t go ova tha edge. M&M went up tha last bit but ol jelly legs decided not to try upwards any more an headed down with me.


Afta we recovered a bit from that huge climb, we headed ova ta the Crypt – it shows excavations of Paris durin Roman Time.

Very interestin, walls an tha old harbour where tha Seine used ta flow.  Hot tubs built in houses and we know tha Romans like hot water.

A few bitsa jewellery, combs, brooches an coins too.


Then it was time for tha Metro again, off ta see the Art Elysees Art & Design expo. Lotsa big Galleries from mostly Paris showin off their artists stuff. She was very disappointed as there was only a few realistic works, tha rest were blobs and squiggles and stuff – although there was a couple I could’ve lived with. No photos allowed there.

montmartreEven though it was rainin and cold again, they decided ta head up ta Sacre-Coeur of Montmartre.

Tha Basilica that is run by nuns. The signs all said no photos please an I couldn’t believe the huge number of bad people who strode around takin photos – even when tha service was on! She didn’t take any.

Also there are soldiers and police with big guns all ova tha place. They didn’t worry Her, or me, but it is a reminda that we have it bloomin great in Australia mates.

I know She is gettin old, She said the soldier boys look young enough ta be Her sons. They all looked in peak fitness an we even saw tha Fire Fighters joggin around keepin fit.


christos-karamisarisAt tha top of tha Mount there are heaps of artists painting an tryin ta sell their stuff. Lots doin portraits too. I met Christos Karamisaris who had a self portrait done an we posed togetha.

Check out his artwork –  www.montmartre-aux-artistes.org/artiste/christos-karamsaris


Tomorrow we may be at tha Louvre……

See ya all then 🙂


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