Wilbur’s Travels – that’s Constable Wilbur ta you

Yes, you saw it here first. I was made an honorary constable today and met for a chat wiv some of my new mates.




Here is me gettin my Bobbie helmet… it didn’t fit too well so they said I didn’t have to wear it till they made me a special one in my size.







Here’s me an my new partner outside Buckingham Palace guarding the gates from all tha riff raff.  She looks all sweet an kind but if you are a baddie – KAPOW!
She’s gonna nail your butt ta tha flagpole mate.





Two more police buddies sortin out tha traffic.  A good laugh . We watched the mounted Royal guards go past an I whispered ta one of tha horses ta drop me a poo for my book. Nice horses in England. Very polite an obligin they are… not like tha mad brumbies at home.



This is our last night in England, off ta France very early in tha mornin so I’ll bid ya all a goodnight, tomorra it’ll be Bon jour  ta ya all 🙂

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