Monthly Archives: September 2016

20 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – day at the beach

Today was a seaside day ( earworm coming up now… “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” ) an although it was grey an overcast we decided ta check out tha so called beaches here.   So here we are at Sidmouth, a lovely coastal village. An here are 2 young lads sunbathin on the -um – pebbles?  They look just like large river rocks!     So many bloomin flowers. I had to check them out. All […]

19 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Castles old and older

It was overcast an coola today which was more comfy for us all. We did get a bita Liquid sunshine on tha way back but as we were in tha car it didn’t worry me at all. Our first stop was ta The Prickly Ball hedgehog rescue. Not much ta say about tha place but that it was aimed at kids an there were a few there. I heard Her and Malissa muttering under their breath when one sweet, screechy, […]

18 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Rest Day

Wow, I have done 17 blogs on my travels in England so far. I hope you are enjoyin readin about it all. I have also been gettin reference material for my next book  ‘Wilbur discovers Poo” which explores the different kinds of poo and why they are so different (for example, did you know otters do a black shiny squirt and it smells like Jasmine tea?) I’m hopin ta get some good examples of different kinds of poo from London […]

17 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Hellooo Olivia

Anotha perfect day here at tha Greyhound Country Inn. Lovin the place, tha location, tha atmosphere… an She loves the food an tha bed as well! Even got a photo of tha blue sky. We left for Buckfast Abbey afta breakfast (She says it’s all yummy but as I’m left up in tha room I wouldn’t know now would I?) Buckfast Abbey was a great place,  still used by the monks, it was beautiful…. an had a shop full of […]

16 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – my buddy Baldrick

Made some great new friends today.  Took Stef, Her an M&M ta Hawkridge Bird of Prey Centre in Exmouth.  Another lovely sunny but fresh day an a bit windy up high.  Sharon was nice enough ta give us an up close opportunity ta study the birdies  an all the females were goin gaga! No bloke back home is gonna pick on me now that Baldrick tha Bald Eagle is my best buddy. Tha flight show was fantastic  an informative. I […]

15 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – Antiques and Castles in the Sea

Gettin up early ta go see tha Antiques Roadshow at Trelissick was not a problem. Tha 2 hour trip was not a problem. Tha weather was great an the camera was charged, Audrey (the SatNav) was plugged in an ready ta assist so off we went! Nothin like on TV,  but glad we went, an I got my photo taken with a couple of people but no-one seemed to recognise me yet. Don’t think attendin is as good as watchin […]

14 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – wings, webs and red-heads

With tha weather back ta brilliant, we returned ta Escot where I again had a go at makin friends with tha Red Squirrel ‘Flower’. My easy goin Aussie charm an larrikin ways appeared ta work an I got a bit more attention. I think she may be a bit too excitable for tha likes of this young wombat though, I’d never keep up.   Got some poo shots from tha small clawed otters, an watched them behavin like Thorpee in […]

13 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – red is better than grey

Awesome afternoon now, sun is shinin, birds are singin, sky is mostly blue….. A lot different to this mornin when we eaded out to tha Donkey Sanctuary and Escot. First off tha Donkeys were all inside, not only cause they were gettin a manicure an pedicure, but cause they are precious an didn’t like gettin their feet wet. No photos with me as She stuffed me inta the backpack and then forgot all about me* She did get a photo […]

12 Sep 2016

Wilbur’s Travels – feeling small

Today we left Bath an headed towards Feniton. It was a drive through hair-raising one car width lanes with towerin shrubberies on both sides of tha road. She is an OK driver I guess; Mark was the sign spotter an Melissa got ta interprete Audrey (our crazy English gps) an follow on tha maps. Between tha three of them we manage ta get where we are headin alive an well.     The first stop on tha way here was […]

11 Sep 2016

Wilburs Traveks – A spiritual Journey

This mornings trip was ta Avebury Standing Stones. A true Henge and with so many stones still in place it was great. I sat in tha devils chair. If She had managed to run 50 times around it, I would have been able to speak to tha devil. Too bad we can’t prove it hey? Tha other stone with tha sharp looking edges was attacked by “Stonekiller” who went around trying ta deface or knock down standing stones. He tried ta […]